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If you are looking for an additional space adjoining your main home or you want a truly classy conservatory, it is quite likely that this article and the information that is provided herein will be very helpful and of interest.

There is no denying the fact that building conservatories could be a tough and challenging task. It calls for having the right knowledge and experience and only those who have the wherewithal and expertise would be able to do a good job of it. First and foremost one has to make up the mind whether one needs an orangery, sun room or a conservatory in the true sense of the term.

Once you decide to go in for a sun room and end up making a conservatory you could be spoiling the entire looks and appearances.

Different Types Of Conservatories

conservatory-coloursIt is very important to ensure that you should have a clear idea about the shape of the conservatory. They could come I shaped, P shaped, or in Victorian or Edwardian shapes. Hence one should have some basic information about the same. Put in plain and simple words Victorian and Edwardian conservatories are so called because they are constructed on the styles that were followed at that point of time.

They are popular because of the simplistic and classical style of design. They usually had a square or rectangular space plan. On the other hand when it comes to P shaped and I shaped conservatory, they are so named because they take shape based on the alphabets they represent. It is a combination of rectangular shape with square shape attached and it creates a distinctive P like pattern. L shaped conservatories on the other hand are designed on the pattern of lanterns. It certainly adds a lot of grandeur and sophistication but at the same time care is taken to ensure that it does not dwarf or dominate the main building. Points To Be Kept In Mind When Building Conservatories Coming out with the right design is perhaps the first starting point when one takes up the construction of conservatory.

conserv-colours2Designing is a tough job and it has to be done by professionals who have the right experience and expertise. While designing the conservatories, it is important to have the right mix of customization and readymade offering. Tips and ideas from customers should be taken into account and should be implemented to the maximum extent possible. Prior to designing surveying of the entire place is important and only then the process of installation and construction should take place.

When installing the conservatory structure it is important to pay attention to various factors like material, the kind of workmanship and the strict adherence to the plan or design that has been approved. It is also important to ensure that the local building rules and regulations are also adhered to.

Heating And Lighting Options

It is also very important to bear in mind that all conservatories should have good heating and lighting systems. Heating systems are important to ensure that the flora and fauna grows properly and light without any doubt enhances the overall looks and appearances of the entire structure. One could choose between underground heat, and radiant heat, or could also go in for conventional heating systems using air circulation methods.

Experience has shown that underground heating is always a better option because it remains invisible. Coming to lighting systems this would become extremely important if the conservatory is being used beyond evenings. Here again experience has shown that soft lighting systems are a better options when compared to bright lights because they create a much better atmosphere and environment. Further it is always better to go in for LED lamps and other such devices because they are much more cost effective from the long term perspective. The illumination effect is also much better.


Choosing The Right Material

Choosing between glass and plastic is often quite confusing. If one decides to go in for glass it has to be ensured that the glass it toughened so that it is able to stand the vagaries of weather. It should of double glazed quality and should be of special make and manufacture. It is better to have the glass laminated because it could go a long way in increasing the security of the entire conservatory. Laminated glass will also reduce the impact of sun rays and make sitting inside the conservatory that much more comfortable and pleasing. If one chooses to go in for plastic, there is hardly any doubt that polycarbonate is considered to be the best option.

While there could be other materials like aluminum being used there is nothing to beat glass and even plastic comes a distant second. The sophistication of glass conservatories is there for all to see. Importance Of Proper Maintenance The next important point that should be kept in mind is adequate and proper maintenance of the conservatory. Cleaning and regular maintenance of conservatory could be a tough task especially the ceilings and heights. It certainly would call for use of special types of ladders to reach such dizzying heights. Lot of care should be taken while building the roof and ideally it should have a slope of 25 degrees. Any slope that is shallower could make cleaning difficult and rain and debris would most certainly slide off.

Final Words At the end of the day there is no denying the fact that building a good conservatory would serve many purposes. It will well and truly offer a wonderful place to relax and enjoy a good evening or a warm day during winter. Further it will go a long way in enhancing the looks and appearances of homes and add lot of value to it. There have been many instances where just by adding a conservatory the value of the entire property has gone up by quite a few thousand dollars. However, this would depend on various factors such as going through the best layout, design and eventually installation. Proper maintenance of the conservatory is also something that cannot be given a go by.

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